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What You Need to Know About Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and Divorce

As part of the divorce process, both parties are required to complete a financial disclosure. This ensures both parties have a complete picture regarding finances. The financial disclosure includes details about all assets and compensation, including and Restricted Stock Units (RSU) grants. Before understanding how RSUs are divided in a divorce, let’s review a few

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Dividing Qualified Retirement Plans in the Aftermath of Divorce

Splitting assets during a divorce can be an arduous task. To complicate things, the division of certain retirement savings accounts requires an extra step. DRO vs. QDRO Divorce proceedings often conclude with a domestic relations order (DRO) to lay out the division of retirement assets. However, assets from a qualified retirement plan, such as a

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Who Can Claim a Child as Dependent on Taxes After Divorce?

Divorce can be a trying life event, but add filing taxes into the mix, and most parents are running for the hills. Not to worry, by the end of this article, all of your divorce tax filing questions will be answered. Filing Status Let’s start with filing status. For couples going through the process of

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Get a Grip on Legal Jargon: Divorce Terms Explained

When facing divorce, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the legal jargon used throughout the process. Add this frustration to the mounting stress and heightened emotion, and you may be left making poor decisions. While our firm is here to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you have, this guide can

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