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Guardian Ad Litem

When parents cannot agree on a child custody arrangement, the court will often appoint a guardian ad litem (GAL) to evaluate the case and make recommendations. As a neutral and impartial third party, the GAL is entrusted with significant responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation of the case that takes into account both sides’ points of view.

In conducting an investigation, the GAL may take into account various sources of information, including:

  • Interviews with the parents, children, teachers, medical professionals and others involved in the family’s life
  • School records, medical records and other relevant documentation
  • Any reports of domestic violence or substance abuse on the part of either parent

While courts are not bound by the GAL’s recommendations, they typically give the reports weighty consideration.

Experienced In High-Conflict Custody Cases

We have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in Massachusetts family law. Attorney Tangusso also has valuable experience handling high-conflict child custody cases.

Attorney Tangusso is also familiar with the complicating factors that commonly arise in high-conflict cases such as substance abuse, mental illness and domestic violence.

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