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Who is responsible for paying debt after a divorce?

When couples decide to divorce, they understand the assets accumulated throughout the marriage will need to be divided. Generally, both parties seek homeownership and other real estate holdings, high-value assets, and child custody during this process. However, when it comes to debt, couples are usually slow to take responsibility. No matter who is responsible for

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How to Enforce a Child Support Order

Enforcing a Child Support Order in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know Divorce, even when done amicably and by mutual agreement, is hard. Divorce, when one party contests court orders and refuses to follow them, is even harder. Sadly, this often has negative effects on the children of the former couple. The disagreements that most

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What You Need to Know About Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and Divorce

As part of the divorce process, both parties are required to complete a financial disclosure. This ensures both parties have a complete picture regarding finances. The financial disclosure includes details about all assets and compensation, including and Restricted Stock Units (RSU) grants. Before understanding how RSUs are divided in a divorce, let’s review a few

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