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Hi John, I appreciate all your help. My divorce would not have gone nearly as smoothly without you and your calm demeanor and your common sense. Thanks for keeping me in check when I felt like jumping in with both feet. Glad to have it over with.
All the best, SB
Dear John, John, I'd like to thank you for all your efficiency and responsiveness, not to mention your sense of humor, throughout both of our go-rounds this year. Selling our condo wasn't an easy thing to do, and you helped us get everything done as smoothly as possible. The small glitch involving the improperly recorded release was one more reason to be glad we had a good attorney on our side. You will certainly be the first person we call when anything legal arises. I hope the rest of your summer goes well. Which reminds me-don't be surprised if you get a call from one of us about visiting for a day of sailing. With the hot days of August, I can't think of a better place to be. Until then-
Sincerely, PL
Dear John, I am very pleased with the way things turned out in court on Monday. Thank you for acting so quickly in getting us in to court to resolve the temporary support issue.
Best regards, SM
I am very grateful and I want to thank you for all you did to bring this nightmare to a close.
Sincerely, BL
John, Just a brief note to thank you for your promptness in settling our case with the Hawthorne Hotel. It was greatly appreciated and nice to work with you.
Sincerely, DR
I appreciate your services and the positive result achieved. I will be pleased to recommend you to others.
Dear John, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your quick response to my phone calls and for the expediency of all the legal work and letters. It is very comforting the confidence I have gained by your response and actions to my current situation. John, again, many thanks.
Yours truly, SAM
Thanks for prodding me through a difficult task and helping me get it "just so." Also many thanks for a sizeable "courtesy" that you didn't have to extend.
Yours truly, JC
I have, like some other people, a very bad hang up when it comes to writing letters. I have put this off for long enough. I sincerely wanted to thank you for the way you handled the Dante Society matter and also for the break on the bill. Perhaps someday you will allow me to reciprocate.
Sincerely, RR
Dear Mr. Tangusso, Thank you again for your assistance. I appreciate your swift and practical handling of my particular case.
Sincerely, CG
John, All I have to say is, thank God for you. I am very grateful to have someone like you as a friend, and as a lawyer. Sometimes I don't have a good, or reserved attitude about certain people and things, and you always manage to help me defuse the bombs and dodge the bullets.
Sincerely, JL
Dear John, What a wonderful note you wrote along with the copy of the deed you sent. I do want to thank you for all the help, support, advice, and encouragement you have given me in the past in matters not only relating to the Trust. It is nice to have such a special friend, and unfortunately for you, I am sure I will continue to seek your "wisely" advice in other issues in my life. Not just professional and legal advice, but definitely the old "Open your eyes and wake up" advice that will be needed occasionally. This is by far not a goodbye letter to you, but a testament (lucky for you) that I will haunt you periodically for the rest of your life. Good luck with your practice. Please thank your father for me, and I promise to be in touch.
Love Always LC
Hi John, I heard you on WBZ News Radio Friday. You sounded great!
Thanks for the time and attention you gave our case. We could not have gotten through it so well without you.
Sincerely, MN
Thank you for the outstanding work done for me.
Sincerely, JZ
Dear John, I would like to thank you for all the time and help you've put into my case. My son and I hope it all pays off. Hopefully, someday I will be able to repay you.
Sincerely, RL
I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me. I really admire your skill and understanding. You've helped me in so many ways to make me take control of my life. I wish you the best in everything you do, and will highly recommend you to anyone seeking legal counsel.
Thank you again, JH
Dear John, Thanks for your rapid and patient response to our request for legal services. It was a great pleasure to work with you, and I hope that should we ever be in need of similar services you would be able to represent us again.
Sincerely, C&PL
Dear John, Peter and I were so surprised to see this check so soon. We all want to thank you so much for you hard work and perseverance on our behalf. If ever any of my friends need the name of a terrific lawyer, I know just who to recommend.
Thank you again, S&P
Thank you for all your help. We couldn't have done it without you.
Many thanks, R
Dear John, Thank you so much for all the help you have given me so far with my divorce. Please keep in mind I will be keeping the hot tub, big tent and boat ready for you and any of your guests if you want to use my island property.
Thanks so much for your help in making our passing go so smoothly. We appreciate all of your help and support. Also thanks for all that you did on A's behalf as well.
Sincerely, M&L
Dear John, I am delighted with what happened Thursday. I never imagined that the Judge would focus on my motion. It was lucky, but it is by no means an accident, either. You're entitled to a lot of credit. I like particularly that you were the only counsel to accomplish anything and in front of all those big law firm types, too.
Regards, DH
Dear John, Although we often write letters to other attorneys criticizing them for real or imagined transgressions, we rarely take the time to say thank you. I do appreciate the fair and even-handed manner in which you dealt with the principles of the Blake & Rebhan Co. On behalf of my clients, I would like to say thank you.
Very truly yours, WS
Thank you very much for the informative conversation the other day. You have always helped our family and I will certainly call on you in the future!
Thanks Again, AD
Dear Mr. Tangusso, The Clients' Security Board has informed me that you represented a claimant before the Board. In taking on this matter involving allegations of a defalcation by a member of the Massachusetts bar, you have performed, on a Pro bono basis, a service of great importance to the public and legal profession. The Clients' Security Board has expressed to me its appreciation of your valuable efforts. I add the sincere thanks of the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court.
Sincerely, Herbert P. Wilkins, Chief Justice
Thank you for your thoughtful letter and, above all, for your excellent help on the 15th. We all appreciate your expertise.
With best wishes, JB
Dear Mr. Tangusso, I thank you for the work you have done on my behalf. It has restored my belief in your profession.
Yours faithfully, AS
Dear Mr. Tangusso, I just want to extend my thanks and appreciation once again and to let you know that words alone can not express how grateful I am to you. The sign of relief indeed meant a whole lot to me. Therefore, I wish you much success in the years ahead.
Thanks a million! SK
Thank you for handling the business of our divorce so sensitively, during what has been a very difficult time.
Best, SL

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