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What To Ask For In Your Divorce Settlement

A fair divorce settlement leaves both parties with what they need to start over. Before negotiations begin, you should discuss your options with your divorce attorney. To help guide your negotiations and avoid surprises, you should create a list of your nonnegotiables, the things you’re willing to be flexible on, and the things you’re willing

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How Can I Get Sole Custody Of My Children?

In any case involving children, Massachusetts courts always consider what is in the child’s best interest. While it is generally presumed a child’s happiness and welfare are best preserved when a relationship is maintained with both parents, there is no presumption in favor of shared custody. Joint custody refers to a situation where both parents

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Massachusetts Child Relocation Laws After Divorce

Divorce, custody, and visitation are legally binding court rulings. While parents have the right to relocate, taking children is another matter. Under Massachusetts law, divorced parents are required to obtain permission from their child’s other parent or the court when relocating with their child. Relocating outside a specified location can impact custody and visitation rights.

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What to Expect During a Massachusetts Divorce

When considering divorce, there is a lot at stake. Many people are overwhelmed by the legal aspects of divorce, so this article will outline some common questions individuals ask during a Massachusetts Divorce. How much does a Massachusetts divorce cost? Wanting to know the cost of divorce is understandable. Unfortunately, the answer differs for every

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Can I get a temporary restraining order against my ex?

Individuals who are married, living together, have a child together, or have been in a substantive dating or engagement relationship can request an a 209A Order in Massachusetts, also known as the abuse prevention law which allows victims to ask for a court order to protect them. This is sometimes also referred to as an

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